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Welcome to Kristinehov's Malmgård, situated on the south island of Stockholm. The house was built in 1790 as a privet summerhouse with a large garden. Since 1923, Kristnehov has been a centre for cultural history. At Kristinehov, history, dance, music, food, decor, costume, architecture, and gardening go hand in hand with community building and social responsibility. The main focus is on the 18th century's intangible cultural heritage and the handed down knowledge, or as we like to call it, living history. In this effort, we have ongoing collaboration with several universities in Sweden and internationally.
More than 30 non-profit organisations in the field of culture jointly own the present governing organisation and together they have over 10,500 individual members in total. The project is partly financed by letting the venue for events and partly by financial contributions from the City of Stockholm and the State Council for Culture. 
Our ambition is for visitors to Kristinehov's Malmgård to feel as though they have stepped into a tranquil sanctuary from 1790, where history can be appreciated with all sences.
Although the city has significantly reduced the once-large garden and encircled the house over the centuries, the atmosphere is still very rural.
There are many banquet halls, salons, and rooms available at Kristinehov for gatherings such banquets, parties, weddings, and conferences.
During the christmas holiday season, a traditional Swedish smorgasbord with food made frome 16th, 17th, and 18th century recipies is offered together with musicians who recite works by our national poet from the 18th century, Carl Michael Bellman. 
For more information and inspiration, please have a look at our photo album or watch our film.


Anna Löfgren

The Lady of the house


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